New Beginnings

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

New beginnings

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I am as new to blogging as perhaps the Alton estate in Roehampton is to singing but although the former is true, the latter may well turn out to be a complete lie

Today was day one of setting up a community choir on the Alton estate and consisted of a lot of google maps, a lot of mind maps and a lot of phone calls with random strangers who all turned out to be very helpful
A plan of action now in place, and meetings set up for next week, my first priority is to find a venue, no ¬†venue then nowhere to sing, and although the great outdoors holds a certain appeal over the summer months, the noise and pollution from the traffic doesn’t
One very hopeful sounding place turned out to be useless as a venue as they hold silent retreats ………. hmmmm ……….. three people, who shall currently remain nameless, answered the phone innocently to my enquires about a venue and almost certainly ended up persuaded to join the choir
All this on a day when Gareth Malone launched his new youth (ish) choir – thank you Gareth, we have a lot to thank you for , but I imagine Alton Sings will bring a broader demographic – I hope so
So excited by all my planning, I even managed to run once around the playing field at the back of my house, which trust me, at 46 and for a another first for the day was impressive
Thank you to Shelly Coyne at as she has shown just what can be done and I only hope we can only begin to match the incredible things achieved in Glasgow
This blog site will consist of brief updates so as to monitor the process and as we get into June and July will include photos as well as links to audio clips and personal stories
Once I have figured out how to include photos I will do so but for now a romantic vision from the architect Richard Rodgers 1996 which I suspect may differ from the day to day reality of life on the estate today.
Really looking forward to visiting next week and getting this venue set up and meeting the residents to find out what they want and to get some free taster sessions going