Stats ‘n’ stuff


Week 1 24
Week 2 19
Week 3 16
Week 4 17
Week 5 13
Week 6 12

24 participants (asked week 1)

1 Southfields
5 Putney
18 Local & within walking distance e.g Clarence lane, Tatchbury, Arnwood, Dover House Road, Roehampton Lane, Danebury Avenue, Ashburton, Kingslade, Foxcombe Road

Where they heard about the project
24 participants (asked week 1)

0 Leaflet anywhere other than library (including ASDA, GP surgeries or schools)
0 Roehampton Voice newsletter
1 Physiotherapist
1 Social worker
2 Leaflet in Library
2 Queen Mary’s hospital
4 SW15 website
7 Phoene (meeting, taster session, street workshop)
7 Word of mouth

13 participants (asked week 6)

2 Male
11 Female

(3 other men attended the first 4 sessions and 3 other men attended one session each)

0 0-14
0 14-21
2 21-35
2 35-50
3 50-65
6 65 plus

As half the group did not attend all six sessions and did not complete evaluation forms I cannot give you accurate data for the remaining but would suggest that of those 11 people

2 0-14
1 14-21
2 35-50
2 50-65
4 65 plus

1 White Irish
1 Other mixed background
1 Chinese
10 White British

Of the remaining group who did not complete evaluations

1 Indian
3 Black African
7 White & British, Irish or European


“Have you ever sung in a choir or singing group before?”

5 No
8 Yes


The general feeling was that the location was good geographically. Air conditioning not great for singing voices. No piano. Would have been good if water could have been provided so that the cost of it did not have to come from limited budget or carried by Phoene and Ellie. The first half of the sessions were noisy due to sound leakage of music from room next door. It was reasonable but not ideal.

Cost (£1.50)

8 OK
4 Too cheap
1 Means tested

“What is a reasonable fee that you could afford to pay each week?”

1 £6
2 £5
1 £4
6 £3
3 £2


“How enjoyable did you find the Alton Sings community choir project?”

0 0 (not enjoyable)
0 1
0 2
0 3
4 4
9 5 (extremely enjoyable)

“I feel so good – a great start”

“A really good evening – I loved it”

“The best community project that’s ever been in Roehampton!”

“Thank you for a wonderful evening full of music, song, fun and friendship”

“ A wonderful evening and a great opportunity to meet the neighbours and do things together”

“A very good opportunity to meet different people in the community and learn”

“I thought I couldn’t sing, but maybe I can!”


“Do you feel different after the choir sessions?”

0 0 (no different)
0 1
0 2
3 3
4 4
6 5 (completely different)

“I’m singing because it’s good for my lung disease”

“It’s helping with my confidence and making me feel better about myself”

“A fantastic first session – I feel so good”

“I look forward to my time away from my boring home to sing and feel alive and free”


“I have a busy job and feel drained prior to the choir. After the sessions I feel rejuvenated, energized”

“All the issues of the day are gone and are forgotten”

“I always sleep well after the sessions”

“It’s uplifting to raise your voice and sing. A change”

“Brighter and happier”

“Gives me an energy boost”

“Relaxing and enjoyable”

“Feel funky, free, refreshed and happy”

“Feel happy as I enjoy it so much – every time”

“Uplifted, lighter, brighter, no worries”

“Helped with my confidence”

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