Sunshine after the rain

So I arrive at Heathmere school today feeling a little despondent and wishing i could clone myself after 5 hours of phone calls and emails promoting the new community choir yesterday, there i found six lovely smiley ladies and a boy in a buggy arriving for singing – even though a number of them thought they were coming for a singing event for the children, they stayed to sing themselves, joined by two teachers then another lady came with her two children, and another two women with a child

We all sang “senua de dende” and “kumula vista” having laughed a LOT as we did some body percussion & introduced ourselves

More tomorrow but the title of this post says it all & has got me researching some new material (my deepest wish now is each week once choir starts we get to learn a song brought by someone in the choir and really stretch our cultural, musical, linguistic & melodic selves) – what better way than to create gentle connections through song – voice & rhythm